Success POD Getting Started

Welcome to the Success POD for People Of Difference living your life listening to yourself and following your intuition.

To be a member of the Success POD, you need to have completed some basic training in intuitive work, such as our own Discover Your Joy Of Being training, or something like natural success create your destiny course. If your unsure if a course or program you've completed qualifies please get in touch and ask. There's a lot of different programs available to help you get started listening to your intuition ;)

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5 hidden keys to success

This hour long webinar takes you through 5 hidden keys to success you can start applying to your life and work straight away.



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Joy of Being Live July 2020

5 week experiential course developing intuitive skills and discovering your true life purpose.

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Joy of Being March 2020

Recorded course - the first Discover Your Joy Of Being course, or Intuitive Steps to Success.

To join the next course:

Each 90 minute workshop is designed to be watched once a week for 5 weeks. Follow along and create your own Joy Of Being along the way.

Take your own daily steps in between each workshop - don't skip this step as it's an important part of the process, learning and letting go at each stage.

Use the Success POD facebook group, and the comments section in each step here, for your personal support, encouragement and to help get clarity at each stage.

There WILL BE "threshold guardians" and "dragons" turn up during this course - it's all part of your hero's journey. That's when you'll need even more help and support to work out the next step. Don't be alone on this journey even if you're going through this course remotely.

If you'd like to join a live course, register here for the next course:

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