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Doing CYD is like deciding to go on a journey but you don't know why, and you don't actually know what you need to do to prepare for it. I actually believe had I just done CYD, done the land of plenty at the end, by now I'd probably have forgotten all about it if it hadn't been for Deborah and Tracey-Jane and what they've been teaching in the Success POD.

CYD 1 Grad & Success POD member

      Brian Robert

        IT Project Manager

Have you had an experience of intuitive work?

Continue creating success in your life with the support of people of difference like yourself and create [what you may currently believe] the impossible that you've already imagined.

The Success POD (people of difference) is just for you. 

  • A place for people to be supported to take the next step.
  • A place to be vulnerable.
  • A place to share.
  • A place to celebrate.
  • A place to learn.
  • A place to grow.

Monthly live training session for POD members, (the recording will be made available in the members area)

Monthly live Q&A for POD members, (the recording will be made available in the members area)

Weekly online support in the Success POD will further your personal growth and development and keep you focused on moving forward in the right way for you towards creating your Land of Plenty / living your Joy of Being. 

There will be special offers for POD members on training and workshops.

Find belonging in a group of people who connect in their differences like nowhere else. A place where you finally belong when you're being yourself.

£1 from every member each month goes into our scholarship fund to support our work with those less able, including our work with young people.

Monthly membership £34

Currently £21 a month 

(for 12 months)

discover your joy of being

The Joy Of Being course not only opens you up to acting from the heart (a driving force of compassion and inner power), but joyously allows you to realise how you would absolutely love to BE and how it feels to live the life of your dreams.

Deborah and Tracey- Jane are wonderful, empowering leaders, ensuring that you’re supported, guided and grounded in your true, incredible purpose. 

I would 100% recommend. This course is unique.

Alana Hurd

Leading Wildscaping Expert

Join the Live Discover your Joy of Being experiential course and uncover your true life purpose to give you a compass to live by for the rest of your life:

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