21 days to experience hope

21 days to experience hope

We invite you to join our 21 days to experience hope in your life and share love and hope with your family and community.

21 days experience hope book
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Download the 52 page workbook for you to complete the 21 day experience of hope with daily 5 minute tasks. Take a simple step each day as you focus on hope. Join our free online support group to keep you focused.

Suggested minimum donation £2, 

Note: On a £2 donation, £1 will go to Barnados, 35.8p fees to Paypal, 64.2p retained by Joy2Success to support our platform costs and developing future training.

The maximum Joy2Success will retain will be £1 from any donation. Paypal fees are 2.9% +30p. 

When you click donate your payment will be taken by paypal. You'll then be re-directed to the download page.

Buy Kindle version of 21 days to Experience Hope:

Your purchase from Amazon will also send a contribution of at least £1 per copy to Barnados for their important work caring for vulnerable children, young people and families who need our love and support more than ever in difficult times.

Join the 21 day experience to hope by email for no charge. Get a daily email with your 5 minute a day task. Complete the form below and start focusing on hope today.

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