discover your joy of being

The Joy Of Being course not only opens you up to acting from the heart (a driving force of compassion and inner power), but joyously allows you to realise how you would absolutely love to BE and how it feels to live the life of your dreams.

Deborah and Tracey- Jane are wonderful, empowering leaders, ensuring that you’re supported, guided and grounded in your true, incredible purpose. 

I would 100% recommend. This course is unique.

Alana Hurd


Leading Wildscaping Expert

Join our Discover YOUR Joy Of Being course Live

5 week course starting Autumn 2020

Commit to a journey of discovery and take your next simple step to uncover true meaning for all parts of your life.

Discover your Joy. Create simple steps to Success.

Discover how to listen to your inner wisdom

See clearly who you are, your true meaning, your purpose in life 

Uncover what's holding you back from being your true self

Develop your vision for the future

Create action steps to bring your vision to life

  • Each week attend a 90 minute experiential online training session

  • Commit to daily practice of the skills you learn to develop your intuitive skills

  • Optional weekly live 90 minute Q&A session

  • Online support group for all trainees

  • Completion and celebration event at end of course

Starting Autumn 2020

Program price: from £233

Register your interest & start taking simple steps to success:

Course content:

Week 1: Who are you? Looking at yourself through a new lens

Week 2: What's keeping you stuck? Staying stuck is easy. Looking in a new way helps you see new options

Week 3: Understanding your choices. We all have choices. Seeing them isn't always easy

Week 4: See your vision clearly. Focus creates reality. Seeing your clear vision helps you focus on it.

Week 5: Work out your next action steps. There's nothing to do only action to take

+ 21 days habit forming practice to embed your learning into your daily life to continue to live from your Joy Of Being