take control of your life awaken new horizons

Join our pilot AWE training & awaken your unlimited potential

Discover a new structure and framework for living,

awakening new meaning and purpose in your life.

Learn to access and listen to your intuition to live creatively.

You know you can fly. This online program will help you find your wings.

"This program has transformed my life", Linda

"Each module is packed with wisdom and teachings which, along with the exercises, sprang to life and connected me to an inner knowing and a sense of purpose." Lorraine

        - 13 step program of self-discovery through online learning

        - 13 x approx 45 minute videos to watch and discover at your own pace,

        PLUS experiential exercises to develop new awareness and skills. A total of 19 hours of workshops, to watch and explore

        PLUS workbook to support your learning and exploration of your awesome self

        - Online support forum for questions and guidance at every step with support from experienced trainers and coaches

        - Bi-weekly Live sessions to support your learning, practice and experimenting with new ideas to cover global time zones. Recordings available for all sessions

        - Start straight away as soon as you register you'll get access to the introductory module.



Commit now & awaken your unlimited potential.


Simply your desire to take control of your life and be yourself :-)

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Are you ready to discover a new way of living?

You'll be going on a journey of exploration with us as your guides.

This program will challenge you in new ways to look at things differently. You know the saying:

"If you do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got"

If you're ready to take control of your life and steer your own ship, this program is for you.

You'll be guided step by step, which you can take at your own pace, to learn something new and look at things in a new way.